Integrated Security Systems Are Better Together

November 1st, 2018

You can find all kinds of different security devices, and each one fills a different role.  Cameras can monitor activity and record evidence for later.  Security alarms trip when someone enters an area without authorization and can alert on-site guards or the police.  Electronic locks make it much harder to enter an area without the right key or passcode.  Encryption and passwords keep the wrong people from accessing sensitive information whether the person is in your building or a hacker working a thousand miles away.

Each of these systems works well enough in isolation, but if your Buckeye, AZ business takes security seriously then you may have all of the above and more.  If that’s the case, or if you’re still in the process of buying and installing your security systems, you should think about how well they’re integrated.  A fully integrated security system comes with several advantages that make each security measure better than they would be independent.

Integrated Cameras

While it might seem ideal to have a camera system that records everything, that’s not always very practical.  You only have so much space for recordings, especially if you use high-definition cameras that can clearly capture faces and distant movement.  Having a staff member who watches the camera feeds helps, but that’s not always practical for a small business and a person can only pay attention to so many things.

That’s where an integrated camera system can come in handy.  Integrated cameras can shut down when there’s nothing to see but turn on when someone enters a secured room or trips the alarm.  You can also set your cameras to record when a connected motion sensor goes off, and connecting the lights to the same sensor will help your cameras get a clear view of your Buckeye, AZ location.  Whether you monitor, record, or both, integrated cameras help by keeping things focused.

Integrated Access

Electronic locks and other access limits are a hassle, but then that’s the point of having them.  Still, there are ways of integrating access points to make them work directly with the alarm system.  Restricted-access doors can all unlock automatically when the fire alarm goes off, or they can all lockdown if the intruder alarm goes off instead.

Integrated Mobile Controls

Smartphones and other mobile devices can do an incredible number of tasks, and you can take advantage of this fact by integrating them with the rest of your security system.  A smartphone can pass on alerts, let you monitor your camera feed from any location, and even act as a keycard for electronic locks.  If your security system comes from one source, you can do it all with a single app.

Your Buckeye, AZ property can benefit from all kinds of security measures, but if you want the best security possible it should be as integrated as possible.  At Circuit Pro, we offer comprehensive security solutions for commercial and residential properties, and we can make sure all your security systems work together to provide you with the best and most automated systems possible. Contact us today for a free initial security analysis.