You Need More Than Pick Resistant Locks To Prevent Break Ins

April 11th, 2019

Maybe you’ve read a story recently about how easy it can be to pick a traditional tumbler lock, or maybe you just don’t trust the locks that come standard on your front door.  If so, you might think your solution should be to buy a more advanced (and more expensive) pick-resistant lock, a design that demands more skill and more advanced tools from someone who plans on cracking the lock.  However, you’ll need something more than that if you want to stop burglars or catch thieves.

Most Break-Ins Break Things

According to FBI statistics, a solid majority of burglaries, 60.5 percent, use some kind of forced entry to get into a building.  This includes taking a crowbar to the doorframe, smashing a window and squeezing in through the glass, and kicking the door until the lock breaks.  After all, picking locks takes time and care, and most of the time burglars who strike in Buckeye, AZ are in a hurry.

Sometimes Burglars Don’t Need Lock Picks

Even when burglars don’t force their way in, they often get in because someone left the door unlocked or they managed to get a copy of the key.  All too often a thief will turn out to be a trusted friend or neighbor who decided to borrow something without asking and never give it back.  In other cases burglars will steal from a Buckeye, AZ home that recently suffered a break-in and will use the first burglar’s way in because the owner often doesn’t fix the damage right away.

Advanced Security Can Help

Strengthening your lock can only help so much, but strengthening your security system can make a big difference.  Entry sensors on your windows and doors can send out a silent alert to your security company, giving them a chance to warn the police before the burglars can realize the alarm is going off.  Then again, you might want a loud alarm that will scare the thieves off before they take anything.  Either way, a good alarm system can be much more effective than a pick-resistant lock.

Monitored Security Helps

Aside from the alarm system, it’s also good to enhance your security system with surveillance.  This includes connecting your alarm to your security company’s network, but it goes beyond that.  A good surveillance camera in a good position can record a burglar’s face or even the getaway car or van they use.  You can set the cameras to only start recording when they sense movement, and this can also alert you so you can watch the feed and decide for yourself whether you need to call the police.

Tumbler locks can be relatively easy to pick by an expert, but most burglars aren’t that kind of expert even though it seems like they could use the skill.  That’s because forcing the door is faster and easier, and burglars usually strike when no one is around anyway.  So if you want the security system on your Buckeye, AZ home or business to really stand up to burglars, make sure you add a monitored alarm system and consider surveillance cameras.