Keep Your Vacation Home and Safe

April 4th, 2019

If you own a vacation home in Buckeye, you want to make sure that your rental calendar is booked solid. This means creating a place that’s attractive and accommodating to your guests. A modern vacation experience will draw in visitors with feelings of personal safety and comfort, ensuring a lucrative booking schedule.

Safety is just as important when your vacation home is unoccupied as it is when guests are there. Preventing burglary and vandalism can be easy when you have advanced surveillance devices and a comprehensive home security system. Anyone who owns a vacation home can take actions to protect it with these extra measures.   

Start With The Outside

Trim your trees and shrubs to ensure a clear view of the property at all times. Eliminate shady places where burglars can hide. Avoid letting trees grow to provide access to second-story windows. Plant thorny and prickly shrubs against walls and under windows to create a natural keep-away fence. 

Pavement and smooth stones might look pretty, but gravel driveways and walkways will update your home security. The crunch of gravel can prevent people from sneaking up on your home. Besides, there are many color tones of gravel available today, so select a version that coordinates with the landscaping.

Motion activated lights can stop intruders in their tracks. Plus, if your neighbors see these lights going on and off when no one is supposed to be there, they can contact the Buckeye authorities. Place them in spots that are hard to reach to avoid tampering.

Move To The Inside

Smart locks can enable keyless entry to your vacation home. This allows you to monitor who enters your property and when. You can reprogram smart locks to remove access to the home when a guest’s vacation ends. Smart locks are great when guests arrive at an odd hour; no one has to greet them with a key.

Program lights inside your vacation home to turn off and on at specific hours and intervals. Set times to simulate natural lighting patterns when no one is renting the home. This will discourage intruders from entering, but if they do break in, lights in different areas of the house can create an appearance that someone is home.

Surveillance cameras can let you watch your vacation home in real-time via live feeds. With continuous streaming, you can receive instant alerts and take immediate action if the alarm goes off. You can manage your smart-home video monitoring via computer, tablet, or smartphone without breaking from your busy schedule.  Be sure to inform guests of the camera locations so they feel more confident and relaxed during their stay.

Finally, remember that the people in Buckeye who live around your vacation home can be your most effective form of home security. The neighbors are often the first ones to notice when something doesn’t look right. Foster good relationships with them and update them on your rental schedule for the final step in your security plan.