Is My Wireless Home Security System Really Reliable?

March 7th, 2019

When choosing your home security system, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to opt for a wireless or a wired system. Wireless systems are the way of the future, and come with plenty of advantages, but many question just how safe they are and if they’re truly providing necessary security to their homes. 

When it comes to reliability, wireless systems actually do present advantages over their wired counterparts. For instance, simply snipping wires directing power to the camera, while wireless systems have no wires to cut can disconnect a wired security system quite easily. Your wireless system can also be moved, which provides you with the option to place your camera where you feel security is needed the most. If your Buckeye, AZ neighborhood experiences an all-over power outage for any reason, your wireless system will continue protecting your home while your wired system will not. 

The Advantages Of A Wireless Security System 

The advantages of a wireless security system are numerous, and span further than just reliability. 3 of the top advantages of a wireless security system include: 

  1. Ease of installation – Wireless security systems are incredibly simple to install, and may even be installed without the help of a professional. Not only does this affect the convenience level of your system, but also the cost, allowing homeowners to skip out on installation costs if they see fit. For rental properties, property owners may not even permit the invasive installation process of a wired system, and wireless systems provide them with a security option they can use in any property they’re residing in. 
  2. You can take it with you – A wired security system is installed, and due to the intensive installation process, is built to stay put. This means that if you invest in the installation process and then decide to move soon after, your security system will stay put in your previous residence. With a wireless system, the camera or cameras may be disconnected, removed, and re-installed in a new property with relative ease. 
  3. Remote control capabilities – The wireless security camera systems of today can be hooked easily into your smartphone, giving you access to your footage from anywhere and at any time. If a family decides to travel across the country for a week-long vacation, homeowners can keep track of everything going on at home with a few simple taps of their smartphone. Additionally, security alerts can be sent to a phone as a push notification keeping homeowners in the know should anything trigger a security concern. 

Wireless Technology For The Future Of Security 

The future of technology is wireless, and this includes security camera systems. With a wireless system, homeowners are treated to a controllable, simple, and affordable way to ensure the security of their homes in a way that wasn’t as widely accessible just a decade ago. With ample reliability, wireless is a trustworthy way of the future.