Home Security Tips Preventing Garage Theft

October 12th, 2022

When we think about home security, most of us focus only on our Buckeye houses and forget the other buildings on our property like our garages. Garages are a common target for thieves because they contain valuable items like tools, automobiles, and other vehicles like motorcycles and four wheelers. Garages are also often left unattended and unlocked, making them the perfect target for thieves to slip in and out with your valuables. To prevent this from happening to you, here are some steps you can take to secure your garage. 

Think Like A Criminal

The first thing you need to do is imagine that you were a criminal trying to break into your garage. Walk around both the exterior and interior. Ask yourself, how would I break into the garage? This will help you identify the vulnerabilities in your garage security. Next ask yourself, what would I take? This will help you identify what items need to be secured so they are harder to steal. Once you’ve identified the risks to your garage, you can put a plan together to secure it.

Secure The Building And Your Possessions

First, start by securing the building. Put reinforced locks on all the doors, so they are harder to break into. Make sure all the windows can be locked and the view into the garage is blocked by curtains or frosting. Next install security features like remote sensors, automatic lights, an alarm, and surveillance cameras. A professional security expert can help you design a custom system that is tailored to your garage. Also, don’t just implement security on the interior of your garage, implement security on the exterior. Finally, any valuables like tools should be locked up unless they are being used. Garage cabinets with locks are affordable and a great way to keep items out of the hands of thieves. 

Develop Good Security Habits

Once your garage premise is secured, you’ll also need to start developing habits to help keep things safe including:

- Always lock your garage, whether you are at home or away

- Never leave your keys, wallet, or other values when you are gone

- Keep the garage door closed so people cannot see the valuables inside

- Do not leave your garage remote in your car at home or away

- Keep any doors to the interior of your home locked 

If you get into the routine of doing these things, eventually they’ll become second nature and you’ll always be sure your garage is secured.

For more tips and tricks to keep your garage and Buckeye home secure, contact a professional security expert. There is a lot we can do as homeowners to secure our entire Buckeye property. However, it takes a specific level of expertise to truly secure our homes. Security professionals don’t just know how to identify and mitigate the unique risks of your home, but they also know about the behaviors of criminals in the local area. They’ll help you develop preventative solutions to keep your home safe from these criminals.