Finding The Best Security Solutions For Banks

April 19th, 2019

Surveillance is absolutely vital in Buckeye, AZ banking. Whether you’re considering internal or external banking investigations, surveillance provides unparalleled evidence that can help to find perpetrators and bring them to justice. However, sifting through countless hours of footage is tedious and difficult, and this is where video analytics come in.

Even the most comprehensive bank security systems in Buckeye, AZ often don’t utilize video analytics as they should.

The Actionable Information Provided By Video Analytics

The biggest threats to banks aren’t in-person burglaries and hold-ups like they used to be some decades ago. With the advancements in banking technology, Buckeye, AZ banks are dealing with a whole new host of threats pertaining to both the physical and digital sides of things. For example, a skimmer installed on a bank ATM kiosk can take advantage of tens to hundreds of customers before the problem is found, and it could result in a great lack of trust with the banking institution at hand. Those taken advantage of will view the bank’s security error as the reason their information has been breached.

A bank skimmer can remain on a location for weeks to months, which makes it incredibly difficult to catch such perpetrators. Once the problem has been found, and the skimmer removed, surveillance footage may have been taped over and the relevant footage lost. Skimmer cases in particular show just how useful video analytics are in banking institutions.

When working with fully integrated security systems, your video analytics provide ways to use your surveillance footage in a more efficient way. For instance, automatic video tagging will be able to spot and categorize instances where individuals have used an ATM without making an actual transaction like a balance check or a withdrawal, which can make simple work of finding skimming cases. Additionally, if a suspicious person has been loitering in a bank lobby, or someone has been surveilling the bank during off-hours, these can be categorized by the analytics system as well.

Security System Types To Work Alongside Video Analytics

Using video analytics alongside other security measures is the best way to ensure a fully secured bank. Some additional security system types to use with video analytics are:

  • Access control – When hooked into video analytics, your access control system has the ability to tag employees and other parties as part of your video surveillance footage. In cases of internal theft or fraud, this makes finding the necessary footage much easier.
  • License plate recognition – Using your surveillance camera, video analytics has the ability to recognize, record, and store license plate information in a searchable and efficient way. This aids greatly in locating suspicious vehicles that have been spotted on or around the bank’s property.
  • Artificial intelligence – Artificial intelligence provides the unique ability to leverage data and predict future behavior. With video analytics and artificial intelligence, surveillance systems can alert banking security officials to vehicles or suspicious individuals who have been seen carrying out casing patterns around the bank before a potential theft.